anglesey riding centre


Sunday Morning Club

Sunday mornings are never quiet at Anglesey Riding Centre! Kids from 7 to 14 can really get their hands dirty at our weekly club morning. An hour of riding is included in the morning, with the rest of the time used to learn stable management skills and generally get to know our ponies.  The club operates a reward scheme where members can earn stars towards prizes such as gloves, grooming kit, whips etc.

Anyone is welcome as long as they are able to do a rising-trot without holding the saddle. There’s no need to come regularly, and we’re happy to welcome holidaymakers  for one-off visits.

Pony Club

We also run a Centre Branch Pony Club, a version of the pony club for those who don’t own their own pony. It’s growing all the time and we’re always happy to welcome new members. This is a more structured club where members can work towards badges and qualifications which will hold them in good stead for the future. Again, we do ask that potential new recruits are able to do a rising-trot without holding the saddle before joining.

Sessions are 1hr long and run weekly throughout the year, we alternate between riding and stable management so that members get a broad understanding of not only how to ride a pony, but also how to look after it! Cost for each session is £10, there is also an annual membership of £24 payable to The Pony Club UK. We also run activity days for members during holiday times.

More details about activities are available on the Pony Club website .


Our “Unicorns” groups aren’t exactly a club, but we thought we’d include them here. They are half hour riding sessions which run Saturday and Sunday mornings for younger kids (4-8) who are just starting out, or looking to improve their riding. There’s no membership fee, it’s just £10 per session.