anglesey riding centre

Rides and Hacks

Castle View

In the countryside around the centre we have 5 miles of purpose built, private bridleways. These are exclusively for use by our customers and offer breath-taking views of Caernarfon Castle and Snowdonia.

We have a selection of well-schooled horses and ponies for hacking and riding out. Most of our riding is on our quiet private bridleways alongside the coast.
We offer a variety of rides to cater for all standards. The minimum age is 4 years old and there’s no upper limit!

Lead Rein – Ideal for a first time ride, best for kids under 7.

We start with a ½ hour ride for youngsters and those wishing to experience the thrill of riding for the first time. Riders are led along the tracks by our experienced staff members who guide the pony with a lead rein, a rope attached to the horses bridle.

1hr Rides – Suitable for everyone, best for kids and adults over 7.

The most popular ride is for 1 hour where we have three standards. The first is a lead ride, where a leader will walk beside the very young or those wishing assistance, while other riders in the group are allowed to control the horse for themselves if they would like to (ideal for families). The next is a ride which can be tailored to the abilities of the riders in the group (walk/trot, or Walk/trot with gentle canters). And finally an experienced rideSpringtime Bridleways for those comfortable with trotting, cantering and galloping. All riders are quickly assessed in our outdoor arena before heading out to ride.

1hr Trot Taster – Suitable for everyone, great for mixed ability groups.

We’re always getting asked by customers if they can “have a little trot” on the beginner rides, so we’ve finally come up with a solution! Begin your ride by going out for a wander round on the bridleways to get used to your mount, then come back to the outdoor school where we will let everyone have a go at trotting, weaving around some cones, and a few other things as time allows. Ideal for the more adventurous group! Minimum 2 people, max 8 people.

Longer Rides – Suitable for experienced older kids and adults.

For experienced riders we also offer 2 hour long, fast rides which take in more of the scenery and offer a few more thrills! We’ve also re-introduced the beach gallop as part of a longer 2hr hack.

Other Facilities

We have a number of other riding facilities at Anglesey Riding Centre, including a large indoor arena and a large outdoor all weather floodlit arena.

The Indoor Arena is 20m x 40m (70′ x 140′) in size, is fully covered and as well as having good natural lighting is also equipped with flood lights to allow use both during the day and evening. The Indoor Arena also has a viewing gallery for spectators and a kitchen for Mums and Dads to make a cuppa.

The Outdoor Arena is also 20m x 40m in size and is equipped with floodlighting to allow it to be used both during the day and also the evening.