anglesey riding centre


Hero (Caherogan Hero) came to us from Essex as a six-year-old, although he was originally bred in Ireland. He’s very mature for his years and happy to turn his hoof to anything.
Born: 2009
Height (HH): 16.2hh
Colour: Skewbald
Sex: Gelding
Breed: Irish Sports Horse
Best Friend: Paddy
Favourite Job: Beach rides
Likes: Hay (all the hay, all the time)
Dislikes: Running out of hay
Naughty Habit: Snacking on rides (he’s not that bad, but he’s an angel otherwise)
Riders: All Standards



Originally bought to replace Tonto, she’s proved to be much more versatile! As happy taking a disabled rider for a trek as she is jumping a cross-country course. Jemima spent some time in the hills of Snowdonia during lockdown, and enjoyed paddling in the rivers.
Born: 2011
Height (HH): 15hh
Colour: Piebald
Sex: Mare
Breed: Gypsy Cob
Best Friend: Any horse that’s smaller than her
Favourite Job: Happy to have a go at anything!
Likes: Cuddles and eating, or eating and cuddles (depends on the day).
Dislikes: Having to leave her hay net to go to work
Naughty Habit: Looking for food ALL the time.
Riders: Adapts to riders at any level



Pebbles cam to us for a quieter pace of life, having spent her younger years playing Polocrosse and mounted games. She can still be pretty quick when she wants to be!
Born (yrs): 1998
Height (HH): 12.2
Colour: Liver Chestnut
Sex: Mare
Breed: Welsh Section B
Best Friend: Dandy
Favourite Job: Canter Hacks
Likes: Going fast
Dislikes: Rain!
Naughty Habit: Pulling faces at the other ponies
Riders: All standards